Fonemed’s Technical Highlights

Whether its five seats or software customized for an entire clinical team at a Fortune 500 healthcare organization, let us provide you with the gold standard in triage protocols and technology to support your key medical performance indicators, overall client satisfaction and bottom line.


Fonemed Enterprise takes advantage of cloud service infrastructure and built-in security features to keep data safe using security measures and mechanisms to protect data. In addition, Fonemed Enterprise provides efficient data access and collaboration with data integrity and privacy.

Role-Based Security

Fonemed Enterprise uses role-based security. Role-based security is aligned with the structure of the organization and as such users are assigned to security roles based on respective responsibilities. Access can be granted to these security roles rather than to individuals.

Safeguard Access

Fonemed Enterprise supports Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) helping to protect the platform from unauthorized access and CAPTCHA to prevent denial of service attacks from malicious actors and processes.

Data Protection

Fonemed Enterprise uses encryption to protect your data. Connections established from clients are encrypted, and public endpoints are secured using industry-standard Transport Layer Security (TLS). TLS effectively establishes a security-enhanced browser-to-server connection to help ensure data confidentiality and integrity between devices and datacenters. We also provision your organization with its own physically isolated, encrypted data repository to maximize the security and integrity of your data.


Fonemed Enterprise reduces the risk of having noisy neighbors with a unique and differentiated secure data isolation architecture which allows for impressive scalability and increased performance. This is accomplished by eliminating the noisy neighbor syndrome. With secure data isolation, each customer has a dedicated environment.


As cloud applications scale, they process transactions quickly—regardless of volume or calendar period. Fonemed Enterprise maintains optimal performance levels, so periodic increases in data inflows are easily handled. Our solutions and applications are designed and tested for scalability, so system performance and response time are not compromised.


High-availability is, ultimately, the holy grail of the cloud computing. It embodies the idea of anywhere and anytime access to services, tools and data. Fonemed Enterprise has been architected from the ground up with availability at the forefront and as such supports service levels that are not only required but demanded in today’s health care industry.

How's This For Security?

Security Built-In

Fonemed Enterprise is hosted in AWS datacenters and uses built in security measures and mechanisms to protect data. Fonemed blocks unauthorized traffic to and within datacenters, using a variety of technologies such as distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack prevention. We constantly maintain, enhance, and verify the infrastructure, and employ regular penetration testing to continually validate the performance of security controls and processes.

Fonemed Enterprise leverages and utilizes an array of security monitoring and event management tools to ensure security and data privacy.

  • AWS CloudWatch 
  • AWS CloudTrail 
  • AWS GuardDuty 
  • Reverse Proxy
  • Web Application Firewalls
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