The Fonemed Advantage

Bringing the Enterprise Platform to Market

Fonemed is a Global organization that serves more 2300 client groups around the world and has more than 150 employees.

From Canada to the World

Fonemed has developed the proprietary “Fonemed Enterprise Platform” to provide services to end-clients throughout the United States, Canada and Internationally.

Developed by Medical Professionals

The Fonemed Enterprise Platform has been used internally by Fonemed Registered Nurses and Health Service Specialists since 2016 and has handled more than 500,000 end-user interactions.

Refined and Enhanced

Since 2016, we have worked on refining and enhancing our healthcare-based software and service solutions to increase our clients’ patients access to quality healthcare while also providing additional cost control to our clients.

Cloud-Based and HIPAA Compliant

The Fonemed Enterprise Platform is a Cloud-based application that provides HIIPA compliant access and security and comes fully integrated with the Schmitt-Thompson Clinical Content Triage Guidelines.

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Attending your organization's needs.

Your Healthcare Software. Customized. Tailored.

The Enterprise Platform will allow you to deliver comprehensive, technology-powered, people-driven customized solutions to meet your specific requirements.

22 Years of Healthcare Experience.

Empowering Clients.

Reducing Costs.

At Fonemed, we empower our clients to strategically expand patient engagement, diversify revenue streams or reduce operating costs through proven technology that has been developed through the foundation of over 22 years of industry experience and more than 2 years of using and enhancing the Fonemed Enterprise Platform ourselves.

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