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Patient Management

Fonemed Enterprise enables patient management in multiple methods. Users can simply create patients while providing the service, or Administrators may prefer to import a patient database and assign to the client. In addition, in the event a patient wishes to remain anonymous, Users can create an Anonymous patient with the last name unique using date and time. The patient Profile is accessible at multiple points throughout the software, allowing users to access additional information such as previous calls and detailed demographic information.

Client Management

Fonemed Enterprise has ability to customize call flows for each client in your organization. Administrators will have ability to insert unique client group information to enable clinicians quick and easy access to the client specific information and local resources. Clients may identify subsets of patients belonging to a group that will enable unique types of work, call flows, and reporting.

Queue Management

Call centers utilizing a callback model will benefit from the flexible queuing abilities built into Fonemed Enterprise. Managers have quick access to a dashboard displaying key information for call management. Users action items listed in the queue based on the organizations clinical processes.

Clinical Content

Fonemed Enterprise has the gold standard telephone triage protocols of Dr. Barton Schmitt and Dr. David Thompson embedded into the software. Our software is designed to allow clinicians to move quickly and easily through protocols. Users simply enter a key word in the search field, select the most appropriate protocol, and then complete the assessment. Once they select the positive indicator they are then presented with the targeted care advice. Feature enhancements include grouping indicators based on the disposition and quick access to ‘See More Appropriate Guideline’.


Clinicians document the patient responses and details as they move through the screens and preview the Encounter Report at the end. Edits can be made prior to completing their work. Once completed Encounter Reports cannot be edited, users can however append a note. Completed Encounter Reports are easily viewed at multiple points in the software allowing Users quick and easy access to pertinent information.

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